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As a Social Media agency, Marianne Paris imagines highly-original, highly-effective formats for social networks and helps brands establish their digital strategies. From initial vision through to final rollout, we engineer bespoke campaigns and the agency embrace a totally-streamlined, optimally-proactive social media content production approach.

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The resource

Creation of a series of 3D contents explaining the CSR approach to the reuse of Kenzo Parfums bottles.

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L' Absolue

Marianne imagines a bold, flowery digital campaign for the release of the new fragrance Flower by Kenzo L'Absolue.

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The French Ni Putes Ni Soumises (Not whores or submissive) #InOurShoes campaign, shot with a hidden camera, puts a man in a woman’s shoes for a day to speak up and voice street harassment. The media-buy-free campaign was viewed over 20 million times around the world.

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Poppy fields forever

12 influencers, 12 brand visions and 12 Tiktok campaigns for the release of the new fragrance Flower by Kenzo l'Absolue.

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Heart catcher

Marianne Paris creates a digital campaign for Valentine’s Day. Lacoste’s iconic crocodile comes to life and makes small work of the hearts he encounters on social media.

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A waste of time

Marianne Paris creates a campaign for the launch of Carventura (PSA Group) which proposes to sell your second-hand vehicle better than anyone! Four advertising clips aired on TV, digital media and in cinemas.

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Marianne imagines a new campaign for the relaunch of Eau Classic and its new drops L’Eau Florale and l’Eau Boisée.

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Kenzo Gift Factory

Marianne Paris has produced a range of assets explaining the way Kenzo creates Xmas gifts for its consumers.

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Refugees Esport Cup

Marianne commits with Bibliothèques Sans Frontières shooting 6 intimate portraits of young syrian refugees taking part in an unprecedent project : the first esport cup organised in a refugee camp (Zaatari, Jordan).

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The sound of Bollinger

Marianne Paris produces ASMR content for social media illustrating that sound can also be luscious.

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Dancing with life

Production of a web-doc series which portrays with emotion the bond that unites television viewers to the French “Le Jour du Seigneur” (The Lord’s Day) programme. “Danser sa vie” (Dancing with life) is the 1st episode which features Geneviève, 92 years old.

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Hide & Seek

Marianne Paris produces a TV & digital campaign illustrating the diversity of Schmidt’s new space-tailorable, desire-fulfillable products.

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Wonder Xmas

Sephora’s Wonder Xmas campaign for Christmas! Hailed by Facebook as one of the best performing formats in 2018, Wonder Woman takes hold of digital codes and shakes them up in an incredibly-imaginative, never-seen-before way.

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