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Marianne shakes up online training codes by taking on a gamified pedagogical approach. We create and develop immersive, innovating e-learning modules and work hand-in-hand with new players like Teach On Mars. We also imagine online games and apps which reinvent entertainment standards.

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Le ballet précieux

Gamified training of the world-renowned brand’s “Ballet Précieux” selling ceremony. Creation of a groundbreaking VR platform featuring a 3D-modelled version of Opera Garnier.


Mind the wolf

Creation, illustration and animation of a game in which a farmer does his best to protect his 8 sheep from ravenous wolves prowling around his barn. His aim: to sell as much wool as possible.


Hide & Sea

Creation, illustration and animation of a collection game where players dive into the depths of the ocean and are invited to search the seabed for well-hidden animals.


Precius Max

Creation, illustration and animation of a grid game where an ogre with an insatiable appetite carefully selects the most delicious ingredients to throw together his meal.


Intercultural journey

Scenario and production of an 8-part documentary film featuring the Brand’s sales ambassadors from around the world.


Divine Fight

Creation, illustration and animation of a game where Greek and Nordic gods clash in divine battles!


Student mentoring

Online video-recorded courses for students of the prestigious French communication school Sup de Pub.


Heroic Exploration

Creation, illustration and animation of a heroic adventure game where an elf, a dwarf and a knight head off on a quest to find magical objects.

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